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Bio Pharma

Social Media Marketing
Biophe Bio Pharma Egypt
Our social media management team focused on the reliability and quality of Biopharma's products, considering that pharmaceutical products need unique attention in the process of marketing them to the public. Our trained team has taken care to provide accurate scientific information on the health effect of Biopharma products, since in the process of marketing these products need special attention to the different types of personas interested in them.

Development of Growth Formula Weight Gain Social Media Creative Concepts mainly through videos that highlight thinness issues and their solutions in an engaging yet informative manner

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Increasing awareness and brand sales through communicating UVPs of Bio Cut for Weight Loss through creative content series, educating our fanbase and driving them to take action

Biophe Website Development

Creation and development of a fully responsive, SEO friendly website according to brand guidelines and agreed on sitemap to showcase the brand's products quality along with the company's strategies and methodologies in innovating science based products, and that'll act in the future as their hub for selling their products digitally
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